Smart Issues for the best Corporate Gifts for You

There are no definitive guides or golden rules in this sense, but a research centered on the use of corporate gadgets by British airlines highlights a series of important principles to be taken into consideration, starting from the possibility of classifying corporate gifts into three large groups:

the first is that of low-cost gadgets such as pens, pencils, shoppers, bookmarks, key-rings, often very impersonal and for this reason to reserve to an indistinct target, that of potential customers who are not yet profiled, for example,

  • the second group is made, instead, of objects of greater value like small electronics or custom hi-tech devices that can be given away to loyal customers or within the loyalty program;
  • The last type includes highly valuable corporate gifts that should be reserved for business partners, important stakeholders or employees who have achieved particular results in management by objectives.

The most important thing, however, is to choose the company gadget that best represents your company, its history and its values: you can try in this sense to ‚Äústay in your own field “, choosing for example objects that refer to those of the own catalog. Even considering the tastes of your target audience could be a good idea, bearing in mind that the more useful and satisfies a concrete need, the more a corporate gadget is likely to be used daily by those who receive it, think of a power bank for the charging smartphones and tablets, for example, or sports bottles donated by brands in the sector to cyclists and the like. With the good at corporate gifts singapore the deals come perfect now.

The objects most ever given away by companies remain, however, stationery and clothing, along with small IT devices and storage media such as pen drives, especially in recent years.

Business gadgets

Moreover, a personalized USB stick is a very versatile gadget: it doesn’t matter in which sector the reference brand operates or who the recipient is, because storing your files and being able to carry them with you at all times is a necessity that concerns a number always growing number of people ( a curiosity: according to data from the Santa Clara Consulting Group, in 2016 the threshold of 300 million USB keys sold in a year) was reached. When choosing a pen drive as a gadget for its customers or for its employees, however, be careful to also choose the design and some technical features that recall your company or can represent an added value for those who receive it and, in this way, improve it perception and memory.

Needless to reiterate that an original design and colors that recall those of the brand, when not directly the logo imprinted on the body, can be strategic factors. Even less obvious features such as the memory capacity of a USB stick or its speed and, in general, its performance can be particularly appreciated by the more “tech savy” recipients.

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